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SHAANXI RUIYANG IMPORT & EXPORT CO.,LTD It is our own professional import and export company,Website:, mainly engaged in import and export business of metal alloy. aims to supply our clients with the right even better quality than the clients requirements,even to create added value for customers around the world.We have successfully exported to Russia,the Republic of Belarus,Kazakhstan,Ukraine,Romania,Austria,Sweden,Turkey,Mexico,Brazil,Chile,Argentina,Korea,Vietnam,Thailand,Indonesia,Singapore,Pakistan,Saudi Arabia, Iran, Dubai, England, Malaysia,Costa rica,Egypt and so on. Our factory has focused on top quality stainless steel bars,stainless steel pipes/tubes,stainless steel flanges,stainless steel pipe fittings,stainless steel plates and stainless steel chemical anchor bolts and nuts,centrifugal pipes UMCO50 alloy pipes,R26 alloy,GH605,GH625,Titanium and Titanium alloy pipe etc with integrated production system for smelting, hot rolling, cold rolling,forging,cold drawn,and finish machining products lines more than 10 years. From the raw material quality control,we use the direct-reading spectrometer to check the chemical components of the different grades of material,adding the visual investigation and checking the size,from the origin we control the material is right of the clients needs.then following the technological process of production to produce,one step by step,checking and do the quality control,aim to supply the high/top quality produces we export! High quality, reasonable price,excellent service,long terms cooperation.Welcome to contact us and if you cooperate us,you will get more than what you wanted!
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